Ride Out the
Rain in Style

Fashion consultant and stylist Eugene Tong throws on a modern trench to battle spring showers.

Fashion consultant and stylist Eugene Tong throws on a modern trench to battle spring showers.

Nothing has the potential to screw up your style like waking up to an overcast day spitting rain at you. Who wants to go out in that? But now that we're entering that time of year when spring showers seem to take up much of the 10-day weather forecast, it's a good idea to think about how you're going to stay dry while looking good. After all, a little precipitation can't keep you from going to work or meeting someone for a drink. So we've pulled together the season's best gear to survive the rain, wind and come out looking great.

Fashion consultant and stylist Eugene Tong throws on a modern trench to battle spring showers.


Of course you'll wear your raincoat when it's storming outside, but really, any vaguely overcast day is the perfect excuse to throw on a handsome, water-resistant jacket. The real decision is do you want a traditional style like a trench or a more modern, zip-up slicker? Do you go classic grey or navy, or opt for a bright pop of yellow or technical camo?

Barbour Waxed Cotton Duke Jacket

Waxed cotton Duke jacket,
$399 / $267.33 by Barbour

Battenwear Ripstop Beach Breaker Jacket

Ripstop "beach breaker" jacket,
$305 by Battenwear

Fjallraven Water-Resistant Shirt Jacket

Water-resistant shirt jacket,
$109 by Fjällräven

Rains Fishtail Raincoat

Fishtail raincoat,
$95 by Rains

Jack Spade Packable Trech

Conveniently packs away into a small pocket pouch

Packable trench,
$398 by Jack Spade

Ark Air Lightweight Ripstop Anorak

Lightweight ripstop anorak,
$85 by Ark Air


When buying a raincoat, it's a good idea to wear a suit jacket to the store. That way you can see how it'll layer up: is there room in the shoulders, for example?


Here's an undeniable certainty: a cheap umbrella will always let you down. It's time to invest in a well-made version and thankfully, there are plenty of options engineered to withstand gusts of wet wind that won't bankrupt you.

Blunt Umbrella

Blunt, $60

Senz Umbrella

Senz, $39.95

Knirps Pocket Umbrella

Low Profile

The big worry with pocket umbrellas is that they're flimsy, and will come un-sprung after a few uses. But not this flat-fold style from Knirps. At just over six inches when collapsed, it opens up to a three-foot diameter and is as durable as you're gonna find.

$40 by Knirps


Rainy day footwear doesn't have to mean bulky galoshes. There are a handful of good looking shoes built to take on puddles and downpours and keep your feet dry.

Converse Rubber Coated Chuck Taylors

Rubber coated Chuck Taylors,
$65 / $44.97 by Converse

Aquatalia Waterproof Suede Chelsea Boots

Waterproof suede Chelsea boots,
$395 by Aquatalia

Cole Haan Waterproof Leather Chukkas

Waterproof leather chukkas,
$280 / $199.95 by Cole Haan

Jason Markk Repel Shoe Protectant


Treat your non-waterproof shoes with a protective spray to keep them dry and free of stains. This is the one sneakerheads, stylists and editors swear by.

Repel shoe protectant, $17 by Jason Markk