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Volume 2

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A Suit Primer

We asked Ilaria Urbinati, stylist, owner of Confederacy and designer of a co-branded line of suits with rock star Albert Hammond Jr. what makes a good suit. Just something to keep in mind the next time you're in the market.


Well, for starters, the fabric has to be somewhat rich. You can put a girl in a cheap dress from Forever 21 and she can still look good, but you can't cheat with menswear. It's all about fabric and the right fit. Color is important too. There's nothing wrong with your classic grey, black or navy. But don't be afraid of khaki or textures like herringbone. I want my client to stand out but without looking like a clown. It's about subtlety without being boring.

Houndstooth suit, $2,125 at Confederacy

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