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Ace a Job Interview

There's really no escaping the rigors and worries of interviewing for a new job. The only thing you can do is be prepared. We asked HR maestro Allison Nawoj of for her top tips for landing the job.


Things Not To Do

Prep Yourself

"Research the company by checking out the 'Press Room' of the website for recent announcements, the 'About Us' section for company culture and the list of products so you are familiar with their offerings. This knowledge makes answering and asking questions much easier. Nerves are likely to rear their head, so help calm them ahead of time by practicing. Go through common interview questions with a friend, practicing in front of mirror so you can see your body language."

What to Bring

  • Extra copies of your resume and cover letter
  • Supporting documents (portfolio, work samples)
  • A pen and paper for note taking
  • A physical list of references

Look Good

"In addition to body language, your attire and personal grooming are both an important part of interviewing and are necessary to selling yourself well. Plan what you'll wear several days before, so you have time to have garments pressed or cleaned. Strive for crisp, clean and professional—you want the interviewer to be listening to what you're saying, not critiquing what you're wearing."

Speak Up

"A good interview is a two-way conversation. Come prepared with three to five questions so you can demonstrate your interest to the interviewer or hiring manager. Ask questions about the future of the business, the position's history, responsibilities and expectations. Don't forget to ask what the next steps are in the interview process."

Make an Impression

"Don't let the hiring manager question whether or not you want the job. It's a challenging job market right now, so the best thing you can do to make a good, lasting impression is to express your genuine interest in the position and end on a positive note. People generally remember the last few minutes of the interaction when thinking back on a candidate."


The percentage of hiring managers that said a weak handshake would make them less likely to hire someone. Learn the subtle art of the handshake.

(Source: CareerBuilder survey)


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