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The Underwear Upgrade

It's something of a golden rule concerning items of clothing: The closer the garment comes to your body, the better the quality should be. Which means that your underwear should be of uncompromising quality. When the fabric sits against your skin for the better part of a day, it's no time to be economical. But often, our underwear is something of an afterthought. Now, we're not going to try and tell you which kind of underwear to wear—that's a personal choice every man needs to make for himself. But thankfully, there are handful of brands these days crafting top notch underwear here in the US with comfortable fabrics and fits for whatever style suits you.


$34, by Donn Mason

Donn Mason is a West Coast brand that makes boxers cut from classic shirting material with vintage details and a modern, contoured fit (ideal for slimmer fitting pants). Flat felled seams prevent fraying, fabric-wrapped waistbands reduce pinching, while side seam-cuts and 2% Spandex enable freer movement.

Boxer Briefs

If the difference between boxers and briefs is a question of freedom vs. security, then these comfy tagless trunks from Flint and Tinder strike a comfortable compromise. Available in four simple colors, they have a streamlined fit and are topped with a plush elastic band. And if you're a brief man, they've got you covered too.


The problem with most undershirts is that they're just T-shirts. Underfit's shirts (available in crew or V-neck) are made from lightweight yet durable fabrics with a touch of stretch and are designed to be worn under your shirts. Plus, they're tailored to get narrower at the waist—which keeps them from bunching and coming untucked.

$24, by Underfit


A 1998 study by the Journal of Urology debunked the idea that boxers raised your sperm count.






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