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Volume 5

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A Man's Chair

Eiffel club chair, at Crate & Barrel

It used to be the best seat in the house. A man's armchair. For decades, there it sat—stoically in the corner. Plush, inviting and ready for those stolen moments of quiet in a man's life. It was his own fortress of solitude, occupying just four square feet of space. These days, the armchair may be a little less prevalent, but it's no less necessary. If you don't have one, we'd suggest finding one for your home. Every guy deserves a chair to call his own.

A place where he can sit and think, read or nap. Look for a chair that's as handsome as it is comfortable, with sturdy arms and a little give in the seat. But don't rush the decision. "You can't tell if any chair is comfortable until you've occupied it for at least an hour," Charles Eames once said. "And then you should return to it again and again in different moods." Not sure which style of chair suits you? A leather club chair is an investment for sure, but it's a ruggedly refined classic that works with all sorts of interior design styles, will never go out of fashion and will only get better with age.

Anatomy of a Classic

Celebrating the form, function and features of the Eames Lounge Chair, a mid-century marvel of masculine style.






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