Stay Trimmed

How often do you get your hair cut? Probably not enough. Many guys wait too long in between cuts. Their hair starts to get unruly and the style becomes difficult to maintain.  When they finally get it cut, it feels a little funny and takes a day or so until the hair lays right again. And then they hear comments from everyone who sees them, "Hey'd you get haircut?"

Avoid these kinds of ups and downs by getting trimmed up more frequently. After about four weeks, your sideburns start growing out, the sides start getting long and you'll notice that Wolfman fuzz on the back of your neck. Stay on top of it by finding an affordable barbershop and setting up a regular cutting schedule. You'll build a relationship with your barber and enjoy the relaxing break sitting in the chair provides. (Some shops will even give you a deal since you're just getting a quick trim.) The best part? You don't even notice it's cut—your hair will consistently look the same. And that's the point.


Trim Your Neck


If you find the back of your neck gets fuzzy faster, take a hand mirror (or your phone's selfie camera setting) and clean it up with your regular razor. It only adds a minute or two to your standard shave time.

Barber Talk

Some guys can be intimidated by the lingo, so here's a handy cheat sheet on what to say the next time you sit down in the barber chair.