At the end of a particularly long day, all you want to do is take a shower and grab a drink. (Right?) But sometimes a shower isn't an option. There's no time to run home. Or perhaps, you're just feeling grimy after a stressful meeting with the boss, getting caught in a mid-day monsoon or sweating through your sweater in an over-heated office.

Prep a simple kit to keep handy—in your desk, your bag or your car—that allows you to clean up in five minutes or less. Everyone has their own routine, but here's a look at our go-to kit. Oil-free facial wipes and lotion to revive skin and combat shine, a dry shampoo that wicks away grease while doubling as a grooming creme, some aluminum-free deodorant and a travel-size rollerball vial of cologne. All kept in a reinforced, leak-resistant vinyl pouch.