Summer Survival Guide

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Backyard Games

When the sun is shining, there's nothing better than a lazy afternoon in the backyard, or at your local park or beach. You don't need your phone. You don't need dinner reservations. Just some good company, plenty of drinks and a lawn game. Because let's face it: human beings just like throwing things at other things. Herewith, three modern tossing games to consider for your next weekend barbecue.




Also known as: Bean Bags, Tailgate

This college campus favorite is easily played with a drink in one hand and your bean bag in another. Players take turns throwing bean bags at the namesake hole in the board. Points are assigned according to where they land on the board. But your opponent can knock your bag off (or into the hole), so points are only counted after all bags have been thrown.

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Also known as: Ladder Golf, Stingball

A mixture of skill and chance, this game has each player sling the bolas (two golf balls attached by a string) at a three-rung ladder. Points are assigned for each rung. The other team tries to get their bolas on the rungs while also knocking yours off. Oh, and heckling is strongly encouraged. The tosses, you can imagine, will get aggressive so opt for a sturdy set constructed out of wood.

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Kan Jam


Also known as: Trash Can Frisbee

With this game, teammates stand at opposite ends of the field and take turns throwing the frisbee toward the bucket-shaped goal. But unlike most other throwing games, both teammates can be involved in every toss as you assist your partner by helping deflect their toss into the goal. And if you make it into the bucket's slim slot, it's an automatic win.

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The year when the US government banned all sales of pointed lawn darts.