A Drinking Glass Primer

In theory, you could drink any alcohol from any glass. But should you? No way. Whether you're manning the bar at home or simply imbibing by yourself, make sure you grab the right glass for your drink. Because glassware comes in an endless variety, we've put together a simple visual guide to help you navigate through all the choices out there. We'll clarify which glass is appropriate for which drink—and why.





4 - 6 oz.

Used for martinis, Manhattans and gimlets.



3 - 6 oz.

Used for all sorts of shaken and stirred cocktails.


(aka Collins)

10 - 14 oz.

Used for mixed drinks like slings, mojitos and
Bloody Marys.


(aka old-fashioned)

4 - 8 oz.

Used for spirits
served over ice, like Scotch and soda.


Double Rocks

12 - 16 oz.

Used for double-shot drinks or those served over a large ice block.



8 to 24 oz.

Used for brandy, Cognac and other liqueurs.




Shaker Pint

16 oz.

A common glass,
but not ideal. Straight sides and a large mouth means the beer gets warm and flat fast.


Nonic Pint

20 oz.

Cheap and stackable, with a bump that keeps it from chipping when stacked. Plus it holds more beer, usually ales and lagers.



16 oz.

The wide body and cinched, flared mouth focuses aromatics.
Great for saisons, Belgians and IPAs.



10 - 20 oz.

Thick glass and a large handle keeps warm hands away from cold beer.



10 - 17 oz.

Narrow, to show off a pilsner's pale color and tapered, to hold the foam.


Weisen Vase

16 - 17 oz.

Tall and tapered to release a wheat beer's aromas and maximize head.





10 - 20 oz.

Larger, with a wider mouth to let the bouquet of the wine open up and release its aroma.



6 - 14 oz.

Smaller and typically narrower in the bowl, which helps to keep the wine chilled.


Champagne Flute

6 - 9 oz.

The tall, narrow glass prolongs the effervescence and captures the wine's aroma.


Champagne Coupe

3 - 6 oz.

A classic glass, but has been found to be ineffective in preserving bubbles.

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