Get a Better Night's Sleep

Respect Bedtime

"Set an established bedtime and use the hour before you go to bed to do relaxing tasks that help prepare your mind and body for sleep," says Dr. Michael Breus of the American Board of Sleep Medicine. "This is called the power down, and the nightly activities help your mind leave the day's stress behind and prepare for bedtime. If you repeat them on a regular basis, your body recognizes them as triggers that indicate it's time to go to sleep."


Drink Your Nap

An afternoon nap is one of the best way to get the rest you need and stay alert during that afternoon meeting. The goal is to keep it short and bounce back. And you know what's better than warm milk? Coffee. "Drink a lukewarm cup of coffee (or tea) quickly, then close your eyes and take a 20-minute nap," says the doc about his patented Nap-a-latte. "When you wake up, the caffeine should be kicking in and you'll have gotten some of your rest while waiting."


But Avoid the Nightcap

While a few stiff drinks might help you get to sleep, it prevents you from reaching the deep, beneficial sleep known as REM. Try to give yourself some time between your last cocktail and hitting the hay.

10:30 pm

Dr. Mehmet Oz's personal bedtime.