Make Your Bed

Want to start your day with a genuine feeling of accomplishment? Want your bedroom to look bigger and cleaner? Want to be prepared for the possibility of bringing someone home and getting laid? Then be sure not to leave the house without making your bed—every morning.

Face it, an unmade bed contributes to a life of chaos and disorganization. It's also an unsightly scene to come home to at the end of a long day. Of course, the main reason why most guys don't make their bed is because it can be a drag, especially first thing in the morning. But it doesn't have to be. No matter the size or style of bed you own, you can quickly and efficiently make it before heading out for the day.


Consider Ditching
the Top Sheet

Want to make it simple for yourself? Do as the Europeans do, get rid of the flat sheet and sleep only under a duvet. Eliminating all that sheet tugging and smoothing will speed up the process.

Start While
You're Still In It


Most people make their bed by walking around it and straightening
things out as they shuffle around the sides. That wastes precious time. When you wake up, sit up and straighten everything out from the center of the bed. Then fold down the top of the duvet or blanket (and top sheet, if you have one) and slide out from underneath. You can let the sides hang down or quickly tuck them under the mattress without having to smooth everything out.

Fine Tune
the Details

Place your pillows in the space between the duvet and the headboard. Lay them flat or lean them up against the headboard if you prefer. And that's it. You should be done with the whole process in less than two minutes.

Laundry Hacks


According to Ariel Kaye, founder of Parachute, you can prolong the life of your linens by washing them in cool water. Avoid wrinkles by taking the sheets out of the dryer while they're the slightest bit damp and put them on the bed while still warm. It's as good as ironing.



The amount of Americans who don't sleep with a top sheet—just the fitted sheet and a duvet cover.