A good jacket is not unlike a good pair of shoes. Invest in one that's well-made from quality materials, break it in and enjoy a long life with a piece that you can stand by for years. It's one of the many benefits of buying less, but buying better. Of course, sometimes you don't have the money to buy the best fresh from the store. Or perhaps, as a man accustom to the instant gratification of the internet age, you don't want to endure the slow process of breaking in a jacket. The good news is that these are the perfect items to score secondhand. (Or as you'll say if someone asks, "vintage.") Denim jackets, Harringtons or any one of Barbour's beloved models—these are all pieces of outerwear that should never be retired. But one man's sartorial loss is another man's gain. Have it repaired or cleaned if need be, make it yours and for God's sake, don't get rid of it.