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How to Fix Your Sunglasses


Stretched Out

The Solution:

Immerse the arms or, depending on how misshaped the glasses are, whole frames in hot, almost boiling water for about a minute. Remove from the water and then wrap the arms in a wash cloth and slowly (but gently) bend the frames back into place unitl they fit comfortably.


The Solution:

Remove surface scratches on plastic lenses by applying Armour Etch ($11.45, at Blick) to each lens and letting it sit for a minute before rinsing under warm tap water. In need of quick fix? Spray Lemon Pledge on a microfiber lens cloth and buff out the scratches.


The Solution:

That tiny screw holding the hinge of your glasses together is lost. Don't look for it. Simply thread a staple through the holes of the hinge and then bend the ends over the top and bottom. This will hold them together and even allow you to close your shades when not in use.


The first mass-produced sunglasses were sold in 1929 on the beaches of Atlantic City.