Update Your Underwear

Allow us to get a tad personal here, and talk about your underwear. We're not here to tell you what to wear down there, we'll leave that up to you. Or your significant other. We're here to wrap up our month of helpful tips and to that end, when was the last time you cleaned out your underwear drawer? No doubt you've purchased new pairs this year, but did you throw any old pairs out? Somehow, our underwear drawers become black holes of boxers—with ratty, holey pairs getting pushed to the back never to be worn again. Or worse yet, actually be worn again. So go through your drawers (so to speak) and throw out any pairs you'd be embarrassed to be seen in at the end of a successful date. And if you don't have enough to get through a week, it's time to go shopping.

What Women Want Guys Wearing


Boxer Briefs









Tighty Whities


(Source: LadyData panel survey)