It happens to the best of us. Blame global warming or over-heated interiors, but there are times when you no longer require the sweater you thought you needed when you got dressed. Whether you're out and about or standing around at a party, now you're stuck holding this damn sweater.

You don't want to cinch it around your waist. That just makes your midsection look bigger and often stretches out the sweater's arms. You could go preppy and drape it over your shoulders, but that only seems to look good on Italian gentlemen or people from Nantucket.

A better option? Sling it over one shoulder and under the other one, like you'd wear a messenger bag. It's something of a hybrid of the two previously mentioned techniques. We first saw this fresh spin sported by Todd Barket, the stylish shopkeep and founder of Unionmade. He made it look so cool and effortless that we've adopted it as our method of choice when we need to ditch our sweaters.