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With an international affairs degree in hand from Florida State, Severin Dickson decided he wasn't the 9-5 type of guy. "So I moved to New York on a whim," he says. "And hoped I'd never work in an office again." He wound up in the grooming biz and soon worked his way to master barber status—ditching cubicle life for a small chop shop on the Lower East Side, currently getting a lot of buzz (pun intended). The 50's-style place, where a haircut comes with a shot of bourbon, has since launched a line of basics that looks as good in your bathroom as it does next to a blue jar of Barbicide. Bottled in old-school apothecary style, the all-natural potions have a slight aroma of the botanicals doing the work—juniper, cedar and white pepper—which means this might be one of the few products your girl actually borrows from you.

Available at Dickson Hairshop, 37 Allen St., New York, 212.260.5625 or online at Swell

Dickson Hairshop

Shampoo, $23
Body Bar, $15
After Shave, $21
Candle, $22

  • Severin runs the business with his wife and high school sweetheart Jessica Falvo.
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