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There comes a point in every grown man's life when he decides it's time to upgrade the home furnishings he's hung onto since college. Now is the time to ditch that halogen lamp before it ruins your love life or worse, burns down your house. If you're ready to buy a real lamp—not unlike buying a real watch—you want to strike the right balance between price, build quality and a design that won't look out of date in a few years. From classics like the Luxo lamp (designed in 1937) to more modern interpretations in wood and brass, here are some smart styles to illuminate your pad, in a range of lighting needs.


Luxo L-1,
$170 at Amazon

Tommy pin-up lamp,
$185 at Rejuvenation

Clutch walnut lamp,
$100 by CB2


Ion lamp, $85 by
Schoolhouse Electric
& Supply Co.

Rivet lamp, $49
and herringbone shade, $30
by Nate Berkus for Target

Autry leather-trimmed
lamp, $229 by
Crate & Barrel


Scissor floor lamp,
$479 / $379 by
Restoration Hardware

Wood tripod lamp,
$249 by West Elm

Bruno double-arm,
$289 by Rejuvenation

    The Edison bulb, in all its aesthetically pleasing rustic charm, has become a beacon of today's throwback style. The filament bulb offers a warm, subtle glow in lamps where the bulb is visible.

Bulbrite, $8 at Amazon




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