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Shoes Like Pottery


The Japanese just do things differently. It really doesn't matter if it's coffee or clothes, when something is made in Japan, every detail is considered and quality is paramount. These canvas kicks by Shoes Like Pottery are the perfect example. Understated yet stylish, they're hand-stitched and then finished with a rubber seal. But it's not just that the sneakers are handsome, they're incredibly comfortable too. The brand's unique vulcanizing treatment—a process known as ka-ryu in Japanese—is what makes walking in the shoes so pleasant. Fired in a 250-degree kiln for more than an hour, a chemical reaction occurs within the sulfur and raw rubber of the shoe's sole which leaves it soft, flexible and incredibly durable. And while the inside of these one-of-a-kind soles support your feet, the vivid blue color underneath definitely ups your game in the style department.

    The brand's parent company, MoonStar, has been producing handcrafted footwear in Japan since 1873.



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