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Spring Shoe Week
Consider these fresh takes on foolproof warm weather footwear a spring awakening.
Day 1

Bright Soles

Day 2

Oxblood Oxford

Day 3

Classic & Canvas

Day 4

Made in Maine

Day 5

Monk Straps

Tretorn, $60

& Canvas

The white canvas sneaker is the footwear equivalent to a T-shirt. Simple, low-key and as comfortable as it is versatile, it will easily pair with nearly everything in your wardrobe. Which is why it's the ideal all-purpose footwear choice when the weather gets warm. And when it comes to choosing some simple canvas kicks, your best bet is to look to the past. To those perennial favorites from style stalwarts both here in the States and abroad. Wear 'em sockless and feel free to kick them on and off all season long. It's as close as any man should get to going barefoot in the city.

Superga, $65

  • Keep white shoes bright, clean and odor-free by tossing them in your washing machine's gentle cycle every six weeks (or as needed). Then let them air dry.



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