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If your nightstand is nothing more than a lonely graveyard of forgotten items, remotes and an outdated alarm clock, it's time you assembled a bedside table that's more considered. Whether it's a proper stand, a tray table or a tree stump, a few key essentials will ensure you feel like a grown up when getting in and out of bed. Keep the pieces within your own style, but here are some suggestions to get you started.


With an easy on/off pull chain and a cotton shade, this bronze lamp's small footprint leaves plenty of tabletop space.

$45, at Target

Pen & Paper

For recording those seemingly brilliant post-dream ideas, a moleskine notebook with a matching streamlined pen.

Pen and notebook, $10 each by Moleskine

iPhone Dock

Most of us use our phones for alarm clocks. Why not invoke midcentury design and recharge your phone at the same time?

$30, at Areaware

Storage Box

There are some things you want on hand that you don't need people to see. Stash them in here and they're none the wiser.

$30, at CB2


Whether you're lighting the fires of romance or just trying to improve the aroma of your bedroom, you can't go wrong with a subtly scented candle.

$26, by Sydney Hale

Something Living

Get a succulent. They look nice, barely require any water and unlike other plants, give off oxygen at night as well as during the day.

$20, at 1-800-Flowers




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