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Invest in a quality cooler. No cooler? This method will still work in an ice chest or hotel room sink. Coleman Steel Belted Cooler, $150


Neatly cover the bottom. Bottles should be lined up standing straight (fill in gaps with  upside-down bottles). Cans are stacked on their sides.


Add water and ice. Pour in about an inch of water and then cover the beverages with ice.


Finish with salt. Top the ice with a thin layer of salt. This melts the ice, lowering the temperature of the water, creating an ice bath around 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Kosher salt, $4 for 3 lb.

Summer Survival Skills

Keep Your
Drinks Cold

This summer, you'll encounter all sorts of tricky situations. So every Friday, we're offering up some tips and tricks to ensure you come out on top. First up, a basic but important skill to master—packing the perfect cooler. Our resident tailgating expert has passed on a decade's old trick for fast, near-freezing refreshment.

  • Want to keep food cold? You're better off with a single, large block of ice (or a frozen milk jug). And hold the salt.



Summer Survival Skills

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