{06.28.12} Gear

Summer Gear

Make the most of the next few months with the latest, greatest gadgets and goods to ensure your summer is one full of ease, adventure and good times.

Caravan Chair

A rugged wood and canvas chair, crafted in North Carolina, that's ideal for the beach, backyard or outdoor concerts—and only weights seven pounds.

$60, by Blue Ridge

The Hobo Knife

Whether you're a camper or simply like to take your lunch outside, you'll appreciate this locking knife which disassembles with a slot and tab system.

$26, by Best Made Co.

All-in-One Charger

This compact power cell juices up any gadget with mini/micro USB connectors and an Apple 30-pin adapter. The fast "smart charge" is particularly helpful.

$62, by Innergie


Never lose food into the coals or fight to twist your kabobs off the skewers with these clever, easy-to-load simple-to-flip stainless steel skewer combs.

$11 for two,
by Fusion Brands

Easy Rider

This lightweight electric longboard has an intuitive weight-sensor system to regulate speed and can run for five miles on a single charge.

$499 (pre-order price),
by ZBoard












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