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The Modern Polo

Bless the polo shirt. When the summer heat makes it hard to give a shit about dressing well, you can easily throw on one of these collared cotton shirts and look like you've put in a little effort to step up your game. In the not so distant past, I used to want my polo shirts like I want my summer haircuts—simple, high and tight. But these days, I'm leaning more towards slim yet slouchy fits and subtle, but significant details like natural garment dyes, all-over prints, metal buttons and longer plackets. Little things that separate my shirts from the pack of plain polos out there. After all, when you're not wearing much, you want each piece to be unique, right?

- Cory Ohlendorf

    Anatomy of a Classic: Breaking down the history and attributes of the first polo, invented by French tennis legend Rene Lacoste.

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