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The Right Rugby

Once relegated to the realm of primary-colored hoodies and gold lame leggings, American Apparel has slowly been venturing into dress clothes and subtle staples with more of a prep pedigree. An over-revealing tank-top this ain't: Rugby shirts might be seen as trendy, but they're also simple and iconic enough to not embarrass you in later years. This version is has a nice, long placket and while it's flatteringly slim, there's enough room for those bold enough to sport a shirt and tie underneath. For easy fall flair, pair your rugby with a casual tweed jacket and some dark jeans. And since it is American Apparel, you know its made right here in the US, with a distinctive deadstock quality that will keep its shape—no matter how rough you are to it.

- Colin Small

$48, at American Apparel

  • The game of rugby was developed from a version of football played at Rugby School in Warwickshire, England.











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