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With Ami

When it comes to fall wardrobes, it's easy to end up layering on things purely for pragmatic reasons—it's cold in the morning or it's raining when you leave. So it's not hard to find yourself piled under a mismatched set of clothes. But if you want to layer up like a proper gentleman, look no further than new French label Ami. After all, who has mastered that art of layering better than the Europeans? Designed by 30-year-old Alexandre Mattiussi, the cool collection is a mix of timeless pieces (think tweed jackets, cable-knit sweaters) and modern favorites (slim button-downs and raw denim). All of which have been thoughtfully paired with a continental sensibility. And while fall is a season of earth tones, the key is to introduce an element of color or texture—a bright, crisp shirt peeking out under a sweater, a pop of sock in a surprising hue, or a bold knit layered under a tweed jacket. Let these shots serve as inspiration.

Ami is available now at Barneys

  • Before launching his own line Mattiussi cut his teeth
    at Marc Jacobs and Givenchy.



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