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The Modern Man's Radio

$259, available in five colors by Tivoli Audio

    Bluetooth was created by telecoms vendor Ericsson in 1994.

The Tivoli Audio Model One table radio has always been more than just a radio. The same way that an Eames lounger is more than a chair. Elegant, classic and modern, they're timeless pieces that are comfortable, solidly built and sure to remain useful for years to come. This is the kind of music player found in the homes and offices of discerning men all over the world. But that's not to say subtle improvements are not welcome. And thankfully, the Model One just got a much-needed wireless update. Like the originals, they offer rich acoustics and crisp, clear sound from a handsomely designed furniture-grade wood housing with intuitive, simple-to-use knob controls. But now they can be used for the way anyone under the age of 40 actually listens to music these days—streaming our iTunes library, Pandora or Spotify tracks from our phones, iPads and computers via Bluetooth.












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