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David Chu

 When David Chu sold his stake in Nautica, the empire he built by reinterpreting sailing style, he traveled the world in pursuit of his other passion—golf. But retirement didn't suit Chu, who quickly got back to work designing a bepoke line and reinvigorating Tumi. Now, he's released LINCS, a sportswear line with a cool country club state of mind.

Quilted blazer, $229, at select Dillards


How'd this line come about?

I love golf and the lifestyle that goes with it. The idea was to combine those ideas in a new way. We focused on making pieces that are at once elegant and casual—for the course or the street and even the office.


Like a down-filled blazer.

Exactly. Part of the concept is the fusion of authentic Americana with sport, so we took the classic blue blazer and tailored it with technical performance fabrics that'll help you weather any winter storm.


Okay, but what's your handicap?

Six. My index is about 5.3.


David's favorite course? The Turnberry Resort, Scotland. $958 for a weekend stay.




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David Chu

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