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Magee Donegal tweed caps,
$125 by Wigens

Flat Tops

Cabbie hat, duckbill, newsie or flat cap. The names for this specific hat are about as rangy as the colors and fabrics used in their design. Traced back to parts of England and Southern Italy in the 14th century, the hat's provenance is steeped in sartorial expertise. And as the weather turns, a comfortable, warm hat becomes less of a statement and more of a necessity. The fabrics used in their construction range from heavy tweed to lightweight linen, but the most popular—as well as the most effective—are the wool and tweed styles with a silk lining. A neutral color will provide versatility for any outfit you're going for; be it a jacket with blue jeans or a full suit. The beauty of the driver's cap is that it looks great on just about every head shape. So give the knit beanies and wool 5-panel snapbacks a break, and embrace a refined Ivy look.

- Garrett Frye


J.Crew, $80

Stetson, $68

Mr. Kim, $235

Clive Hawkes, $110


Who's wearing them well: David Beckham, Daniel Craig and Ouigi Theodore of Brooklyn Circus.

    A general rule of thumb when it comes to hats:
    Take them off once you get inside.











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