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The University Scarf Spectrum

If you're not wrapping a scarf around your neck by now, you don't know what you're missing. It's a surefire way to stay warm and considering you're basically bundled in dark outerwear from your knees to your neck, it's also a good way to inject a little style into your daily commute. Preppy university stripe scarves in bold shades of all colors abound this year. Here are five in a range of prices.


Club Monaco, $29 (on sale, in stores)

These thick two-tone scarves come in four bold colors and just went on super sale.

J.Press, $66.75 (on sale)

You want the ones the gents at Harvard or Yale sport? This is where they get 'em.

Rugby, $89.50

Made in England out of sturdy British wool, the skull and crossbones add some subversiveness.

Smart Turnout, $99

Like J.Press, these are the real deal. Double thick and pressed to keep their shape.

Brooks Brothers, $250

Made in Scotland from pure cashmere, these aren't as heavy or scratchy as the others.




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