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Standout Sweatshirts

A solid seasonal workhorse, it's unlikely that any man is without at least one sweatshirt in his closet. But some of today's smartest crew necks are far beyond their classic athletic roots, with designers actively producing some of the most eye-grabbing styles that will appeal to your eye as well as keep you warm. Whether you prefer something geometric and subtle like RVCA's Southwestern take, graphic like Kenzo's metallic tiger or loud like Marc Jacobs' plaid, use these standout sweatshirts as a way to diverge from what many consider to be just another layer. As common sartorial knowledge dictates, you'll never benefit from having every piece of your outfit compete amongst themselves, so if you're going to sport a loud piece, keep the other elements of your look simple and understated. So man up, be bold and stay warm. After all, just because the weather cools down doesn't mean that you can't keep your kit fresh and bright.

- Gregory Babcock


RVCA, $63


Bodega, $70


Kenzo's signature tiger sweatshirt almost never happened. Humberto Leon, now at the helm of the French label with his Opening Ceremony partner Carol Lim, designed the sweatshirt for himself, to walk out in after Kenzo's fashion show—much to the chagrin of the design team.

(Source: Vogue UK)




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