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The Dopp Kit

Valet. advocates the realistic dopp kit.


And keep it stocked at all times. Here's what we suggest. Just add your own razor and toothbrush.

Packing Suits

Step-by-step instructions on how to ensure your suits and blazers arrive wrinkle-free.

  • Each Lipault bag comes with a three-year warranty.


Whether you're flying home to visit family, or hitting the road to escape them, there's no doubt that this is a peak travel time. And while there's something to be said for a beautiful leather weekender, they're simply too precious to check and you don't want to have to schlep a heavy leather duffle bag through the airport—the straps digging into your hands or shoulders. No, these are the times you want to be pragmatic about packing. Lipault is a French line of luggage, designed by the guy who created sleek, durable luggage for Air France. Feather-light, they weigh half as much as a traditional upright suitcase and some even fold completely flat (seen above). Which makes it easy to store, or bring along to your destination as your souvenir suitcase. And each one has soft padded handles, reinforced self-healing zippers and thoughtfully designed pockets and pouches. The interior is padded to protect the contents and the outside is constructed from hardwearing nylon that repels dirt, water and mysterious airline grease. Plus, they come in six colors, should you be bold enough to wait for a blaze orange bag at the luggage carrousel.

24" Foldable Packing Case, $209 (with free shipping) by Lipault












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