The Colognes You Need on Your Radar

The best colognes for spring 2019

The Colognes
You Need
on Your Radar

The latest crop of cool scents aren't your usual fare. And that's a good thing.

“You smell really good” is probably the best compliment you can give a man. It certainly is for me. It says so much really—of course it means I'm well-groomed, but it also conveys that I'm interesting, adventurous and unique. Which is why I'm usually up to try new colognes. Thankfully, there are always scents launching, reflecting the current moods and styles of the time. Perhaps that's why so many of the new fragrances debuting right now are kind of weird. But I mean that in the best possible way.

Typically, the thaw of spring brings about lighter, more floral colognes filling store shelves. And while, I'm all for a crisp, fresh-from-the-shower scent, these new bottles offer a lot more depth and intrigue. Some are unisex, a few feature all-natural plant oils and tinctures, while others utilize essences of resin, matcha green tea and money. The resulting fragrances are unlike your standard fare and because they're all crafted from quality juice, they tend to hang on your skin longer. Which is a good thing during the warmer months, when your skin tends to produce more oil, and we need our colognes to work a bit harder. Herewith, six of the coolest sprays to spritz on if you're looking to pull in a few compliments this summer.


Spring's Best
New Scents

Rag & Bone Genmaicha Cologne

by Rag & Bone

What They Say

“It possesses a zesty infusion of green tea and matcha, with elements of rice and cedar wood, creating a signature aroma that is bright and herbal with subtle floral notes.”

What We Say

You definitely get the earthy quality of a frothy cup of matcha, and the floral lightness is a subtle and sophisticated contrast to the deeper woods, for a scent that evolves throughout the day.

$150 at Rag & Bone

The Motley Kiso Cologne

Kiso by The Motley

What They Say

“The basis of the fragrance is hinoki wood, a cypress timber used for centuries in Japan and the cool, watery note of fog gives the fresh wood scent a hint of intriguing moodiness.”

What We Say

One of our new favorites, this deep and sensual scent is spicy with a touch of black pepper. Incense and resin make for a fragrance that has a subtle kick of diesel smoke. During our tests, it got compliments everyday.

$120 at The Motley

Givenchy Gentleman Cologne

by Givenchy

What They Say

“Dive into an explosion of freshness with an iris-infused electrifying citrus tonic. An irreverent fragrance for free spirits who follow only their instincts.”

What We Say

Givenchy's Gentleman fragrance is nearly half a century old. This latest twist on this modern classic is right in line with what it should be in 2019. The fresh citrus complements an underlying green herbaceous base. It's clean without smelling soapy.

$88 at Nordstrom


Diptyque Eau de Minthe Cologne

Eau de Minthé
by Diptyque

What They Say

“This is the story of a metamorphosis, a mythological dream in which mint is reinvented as a vibrant fragrance.”

What We Say

Yeah, this is a mint cologne. And it's really good. Said mint is mixed with grassy elements and a shot of patchouli incense. It's as hippy and modernly cool as the bottle's design.

$140 (available May 2) at Diptyque

Ermenegildo Zegna Mediterranean Neroli Cologne

Mediterranean Neroli by Ermenegildo Zegna

What They Say

“A sophisticated composition of light and dark. Sparkling Mediterranean neroli and the herbal freshness of estragon illuminate an elegant heart of warm spicy saffron.”

What We Say

First off, this is Eau de Parfum, which means it stays on your body longer than the standard Eau de Toilette. And secondly, the floral aroma of an fresh orange blossom is given a shot of sophisticated masculine energy with smoky incense.

$220 at Zegna

Sigil Solutio Cologne

Solutio by Sigil

What They Say

“This is a green and buoyant blend of aromatic cypriol, bracing lime, and a handmade tincture of wild chaparral releases the mind from the trappings of the ego.”

What We Say

For guys who don't want a heavy scent trailing them everywhere they go, this all-natural cologne reminds us of a freshly prepared Aperol spritz. The ruby bitterness of the Aperol and a freshly expressed lime peel, but there's also a light effervescence to it.

$120 at Sigil

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