Is It Time for a Haircut?

What to expect as barber shops and salons reopen

Hair cut

How long has it been since you last sat in the barber’s chair? I have to say, I miss the feeling of leaving the shop with that fresh cut.

But it makes sense that they were among the first businesses to close. Barbershops and salons are incredibly intimate environments’it's a place where close contact is non-negotiable. A stylist massages your scalp with the pads of their fingers; a barber leans in close to shape up the back of your neck.

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But can you really maintain proper social distancing? We're about to find out. The handful of states where barber shops and salons have reopened’or are about to’have established guidelines in an effort to help maintain safety as these businesses reopen, reports Men's Health.

The guidelines vary from state to state, of course, and also will likely continue to shift, so make sure to check with your local spot before you venture out.

What we'll encounter is a whole new experience, reports CNN. Masks are worn by all barbers and are offered to all clients. In keeping with the new rules forbidding more than 10 people per 500 square feet, walk-ins are asked to wait off premises until a barber is ready for them, if the waiting area is full. But, for the brave among us, they can walk out with a clean cut and a nice fade. That just might be worth the risk.

Scissors illustration

Maybe keep cutting
your own hair for now?

Maintain a good cut and keep your hair from weighing you down. All you need is a steady hand, the right tools and some basic tips.

Get Buzzed

Get Buzzed

Begin by shaving the sides and back of your head with some electric clippers. Use the guards to maintain length and start out with a longer guard setting. Then go down a guard (or two) to get a little closer at the bottom around your sideburns, ears and neckline to create a slight taper.

Divide and Conquer

Divide and Conquer

Make like a barber and slightly wet your hair. Then make two parts, one at the outer edge of each eyebrow, combing the hair above the part into the center of your head. Then comb the hair at the sides forward towards your temples and trim any excess hairs sticking out from the natural hairline.

Tackle the Top

Tackle the Top

Comb the hair straight up and start cutting into it perpendicular to the comb. This will prevent any blunt, straight cuts and also give your hair a nice texture. Like with the clippers, start off conservatively and take more off if needed.

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