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How Do You Make the Perfect Hair Product?

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How Do You Make the Perfect Hair Product?

It’s clean and it works for any and all hair types

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Jack Henry PASTE hair product texture

Jack Henry, the San Diego-based grooming brand, really cares about what they put in their products. They steer clear of any synthetics, preservatives or nasty chemicals that you can't pronounce. And every product comes from a personal need. Which means they don't waste any time with skin care or hair care that doesn't work. So when they started creating their new PASTE hair product, founder Kyle Bardouche wanted something that made your hair look and feel great.

The result? A light-hold paste that gives your hair body and definition with a 24-hour hold that's still soft and reshapable. “It doesn't just give you amazing hair with a nice texture,” says Bardouche. “PASTE is also packed full of active plant and herb extracts containing potent phytonutrients that will stimulate the cells in your hair follicles while feeding your scalp. All of this will keep your hair growing thick and healthy.” What's inside? Mango butter, castor oil and beeswax, mixed with kaolin clay, and some essential oils. That's it.

Of course, what really sets this apart from other similar pastes and creams is that it works for pretty much anyone—whether your hair is thick and curly or thinner and fine. If you want a stronger hold, use a bit more with damp hair. For a more natural, relaxed hold, use it on fully towel-dried hair. Work it in from the root to the tip and your hair will stay soft enough to be touched while still maintaining its shape, yet pliable enough to get moved around. Unlike other products boasting a more matte finish which can leave hair looking dry and dull, this gives hair a nice texture with a natural shine without looking or feeling stiff and sticky.

$24 at Jack Henry


Jack Henry makes one of our favorite face masks. The highly breathable 4-way stretch scuba fabric is antimicrobial and holds up nicely after regular washings.

$18 by Jack Henry

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