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Smarter Body Grooming

Special Promotion

Smarter Body Grooming

The modern set designed to keep you clean and cool below the belt

Meridian men's body hair grooming products

Let’s face the facts: If you want to look and feel good about your body, you need to put in the work. That typically means building up an arsenal of products created specifically to tackle various concerns. You've got resistance bands and a Theragun for toning and massaging your muscles. A sonic toothbrush for gleaming fresh teeth, plus a good quality moisturizer with SPF to hydrate and protect your face. So why not put the same care and quality into products engineered for below the belt?

Meridian Grooming is a company that's been making waves lately with their “complete package” duo of essential products designed to keep unruly hair at bay while ensuring you feel fresh, dry and cool all day long. What's more, this is a system that works for any guy: whether you regularly shave and trim your nether regions or have never once even uttered the word “manscape.” Here's how their products work to your advantage.

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The Line-Up

The Trimmer

Why use the same trimmer made for face or body hair on such a sensitive (and important) area? This tastefully-designed waterproof trimmer (available in both onyx and sage colorways) was built to handle coarse and curly hair without any unfortunate tugs or pulls. The rust-resistant ceramic blades reduce scratching and the blade module prevents nicks and cuts. The quiet motor provides low vibrations while guide combs allow you trim to your perfect length.

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The Spray

The unfortunate truth is that your crotch is the least ventilated part of your body. That can make things uncomfortable and, at times, unpleasant for you and your partner. And simply spritzing your junk with cologne is a rookie move. This pH-balanced spray has been specially formulated to neutralize stink and prevent skin irritation on sensitive skin. Botanical ingredients such as green tea and witch hazel provide resistance against odor and chafing while keeping skin cool and hydrated. Just spray on after your shower, let it sit for a minute, then get dressed and you're good to go.

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According to survey of over 4,000 men by Esquire and Cosmopolitan, 69% of men regularly trim their pubic hair.

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