Your Acne
Can Be Optional

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Acne treatment kit by hims

Your Acne Can Be Optional

The hims science-backed kit delivers clear skin

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Special Promotion by hims

Breakouts suck. They can be painful, damage your skin and even the little annoying ones really drain you of confidence. What's more, acne can be notoriously hard to treat over the counter because there are so many products with just as many varying promises and varying degrees of success.

Your best bet is to trust the guidance of a dermatologist. But that can often be pricey and time-consuming. That's where hims comes in handy. The modern wellness brand, offering a direct-to-consumer approach to men's health, is now in the skincare game. They're helping men take better care of their skin by making it as easy as possible.

To get access to the prescription-based solutions, you fill out a simple form and have a quick online doctor's visit. Then your prescription is delivered right to your door and automatically renewed and delivered each month. The daily morning and evening prescription solutions help stop acne in its tracks, decrease inflammation and improve the surface texture of your skin.

Acne treatment kit by hims

How? They're formulated with clindamycin, Vitamin B3 and tretinoin—a popular and proven topical solution that helps stop acne from reproducing while increasing cellular turnover in your skin. The result is less inflammation, less pimples and skin that feels healthy and new.

What's more, the routine couldn't be simpler. It's a one-two punch of antibiotics that help control acne-causing bacteria that work in tandem with powerful retinoids that you can only access via a dermatologist. So what are you waiting for? Unclog those pores and unlock better looking skin with $10 off your first month's order.

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