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Lumin men's affordable skincare

Self Care

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We’ve all got a lot to contend with these days. Your skin's health shouldn't be one of them. Take care of yourself by making sure your pores are clean, your skin is clear and your eyes are bright. Because when you take care of yourself, you not only look better but you feel better too. Put that extra time we have indoors to good use—and (bonus!) save some money while you do it.

Lumin is a California-based brand that was developed in South Korea, where they take skincare very seriously. Its founders discovered that guys either weren't looking after their skin or were borrowing from the women in their lives. They created a line that help both out—simple, straightforward products that are made specifically for men's thicker, more stubborn skin. And while the blends contain high-grade ingredients, the prices are downright affordable considering the effectiveness of the products.

To make your self-care even easier, Lumin has curated sets based on common skin concerns from age management to correcting problem skin. We were sent a box to test, filled with everything we needed to treat ourselves and our troubled, stressed-out skin. And as a group that tests a lot of products, we were thoroughly impressed with everything from the clever, minimalist packaging (rollerball applicators are nice and easy) to the visible results from just a few weeks of use. While there are over a dozen different products to suit your needs, here are the three standouts from our test drive.

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Ultra-Hydrating Moisturizing Balm

Specifically made to work with all skin types, this rich hydrating balm adds a protective barrier over your face to prevent skin damage while balancing the skin's pH and regulating oil production. This concentrated balm (thicker than a lotion but thinner than a cream) absorbs quickly and won't leave you feeling greasy. Formulated with skin-protecting meadowfoam seed oil and Vitamin C-packed apple extract, it instantly makes skin feel better and a little goes a long way.

$23.20 / $18.33 (w/code FEELGOOD21) by Lumin

After Hours
Recovery Oil

This is as close to a magic wand as you can get. The intensive oil targets dry, damaged and irritated areas thanks to a cooling roller ball applicator. Skin immediately feels moisturized and soothed thanks to the elasticity-boosting Argan oil while squalane fights off skin-aging free radicals. Once it absorbs into the skin you not only look better, you feel better too. Once we're back traveling on planes again, this is definitely something we'll keep in our carry-on.

$15.20 / $12.01 (w/code FEELGOOD21) by Lumin

Dark Circle Defense

This has got to be the one product that every guy should have, but most don't—yet. This eye cream is actually a game-changing lightweight gel engineered to tackle dark, puffy eyes. Lemon extract repairs damage and evens skin tone while Vitamin B3 and caffeine reduces the inflammation that causes bags and puffiness. As a bonus, the revived skin around the eye is brighter and smoother.

$23.20 / $18.33 (w/code FEELGOOD21) by Lumin

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Don’t Forget Your Hair

Want to ensure your hair is healthy and your scalp is in peak condition? Then you want to bring serious products into the shower with you. These are packed with ingredients that strengthen hair while improving scalp health and circulation to encourage new growth.

Advanced Repair Scalp Treatment, $12 / $9.48 and Keratin Recovery Shampoo, $9.60 / $7.58
(w/code FEELGOOD21)

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