The Hand Creams
You Need Now

Hand washing

The Hand Creams You Need Now

Get some relief from all that hand washing and sanitizer

How are your hands feeling? If they're anything like mine they're a little worse for wear these days. Between the constant hand washing (20 seconds, and not a second shorter!) and frequent applications of alcohol-based hand sanitizer, my digits are feeling pretty rough. And the skin around my nails is cracking—which, I should mention, makes for quite the sting when I apply said sanitizer.

All that cleanliness, while good for keeping away germs, can be hell on your skin, stripping away the natural oils. That's why you want to moisturize them. Dry, cracked skin puts you at greater risk for infections, so after you wash, try applying a dab of hand cream. You could use any old lotion to grease up your hands, but you're better off ordering some quality creams specially formulated to tackle tough skin and brittle nails. Rub them in regularly to strengthen your skin barrier and soothe away dryness, hangnails, cracks and calluses. From heavy-duty hydration and targeted balms to specialty lotions for guys who hate the feel of greasy lotion, we've pulled together the best options.


Best Hand Creams for Men

Skin Clinical Extreme Healing Repair Cream

One of the few lotions that's received a seal from the National Eczema Association, this cream is a fast-working option that boasts superior hydration and healing properties. The clinically-proven and patented formula works to stimulate skin's natural cell regenerative process which, in turn, soothes the itching and redness from dryness while healing splits in skin.

$39 by Skin Clinical

Duke Cannon Bloody Knuckles Hand Repair Balm

This balm, made with shea butter and lanolin is perfect if you want a heavy-duty option to apply to really dry areas. If you're not the type that wants to reapply regularly, this might be for you. You can dab it on, rub it in and the balm absorbs and starts working immediately to heal dryness and cracks. This is particularly good to apply before bed to really let it work its way into the skin.

$9.99 at Target

Jack Black Industrial Strength Hand Healer

Stocked in the locker rooms of at least a dozen NFL teams, this repairing cream works wonders for the players' weather-ravaged hands and cuticles. And it'll work for your battered hands too with its natural formula that relies heavily on the healing powers of macadamia nut oil, glycerin, vitamins A and E, along with the antiseptic benefits of eucalyptus oil. An added benefit is that it goes on nice and light, absorbing into the skin without any leftover residue.

$15 at Uncrate Supply

CeraVe Therapeutic Hand Cream for Dry Cracked Hands

Another National Eczema Association-approved option, this cream—from your dermatologist's favorite brand—is an affordable, no-nonsense option you can find at most drugstores or grocery stores. It's formulated with three essential ceramides that help calm skin while retaining moisture. Plus, it's water-resistant so it keeps working even after you've washed your hands.

$12.99 at CVS

Buckler’s Chapped Skin Remedy

This thick cream is packed with nutrients and calming ingredients like chamomile and aloe (so it's great for soothing painful cracks and irritation). It takes about 45 seconds or so to absorb, but once it does, you're free to type on your computer or handle your phone without fear of slipping and sliding. And best of all, a little goes a long way so you won't be running out anytime soon.

$22 at The Motley

Le Labo Hinoki/Sweet Almond Hand Lotion

Want to keep your hand cream out as a reminder to keep reapplying? This handsome pump bottle can be placed right next to your soap by the sink. The all natural plant-based formula hydrates with sweet almond and safflower oils. And the Hinoki scent is inspired by Japan's Buddhist temples, meaning it smells great—another reward for treating your hands right.

$33 at Saks Fifth Avenue

Malin + Goetz Vitamin B5 Hand Treatment

The chemists at Malin + Goetz have crafted the best quick-drying formula that we've tried. The residue-free cream combines synthesized Vitamin B5 and absorbent fatty acids to hydrate and balance the pH levels of the skin. How does it work? We're not entirely sure. What we do know is that it leaves hands soft and smooth without any stickiness left behind.

$22 at Nordstrom


To properly apply hand cream, dab a nickel-sized amount onto the back of your hands first. Then work the cream into your fingers, wrapping each one into the fist of the opposite hand. Finish by rubbing your palms together.

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