How to Deal
With Oily Skin

Best products for men's oily skin

How to Deal With Oily Skin

Don’t let grease and shine keep you down

More than 30% of men report having oily skin. And that number surely rises with the temperature—as warmer weather can leave anyone feeling shiny. That's because when your body heats up, it can actually cause the gunk in your pores to liquefy, leading to a greasier appearance. You can also blame it on higher levels of testosterone, which increase the production of sebum, the natural oils your body generates to protect your skin from drying out. The upside to oily skin is that it's less prone to early signs of aging. The downside, of course, is that you can feel self-conscious, especially when you see the shine pop up in photos. Thankfully, you can solve this dilemma and strike the right balance between moisturized and greasy with a consistent regimen using the right products.


The Best Products
for Oily Skin


A standard facial cleanser won't address the needs of oily skin. And too harsh a wash might strip away all the oil (which only sends your oil glands into overdrive). Look for a clay-based cleanser that's designed to absorb excess oil. This one, from Jack Black, uses Kaolin clay and volcanic ash to sop up grease and grime while reducing sebum production. Glycolic acid and tea-tree oil also clear away dead skin cells and prevent breakouts.

Deep Dive cleanser,
$22 by Jack Black


In between washing your face and applying moisturizer, a toner helps balance your skin's balance pH level which helps regulate oil production. The best ones forgo drying alcohol for witch hazel, and Thayers is a trusted brand that blends cooling cucumber and soothing aloe for a refreshing mist that neutralizes oil and shine. It's an ideal product for after a day in the sun too.

Alcohol-free toner spray,
$10.95 by Thayers


A big mistake those with oily skin make is skipping moisturizer. But we get it—regular lotions can feel too heavy on oily skin or make you sweat. But if you don't moisturize, your skin boosts sebum production to overcompensate. The key is finding a lightweight, fast-absorbing moisturizer that allows your pores to breathe. This oil-free formula utilizes nourishing vitamins and extracts to enhance skin's moisture levels while keeping shine low.

Mug moisturizer,
$25 by Grooming Lounge


Some sunscreens are heavy and greasy, leaving your skin feeling weighed down and sticky. Supergoop specializes in weightless formulas that are extremely effective. This invisible, scentless and oil-free formula absorbs into skin, leaving a smooth, matte finish that's protected from UV rays and the blue light emitted by electronic devices. It also hydrates skin thanks to the addition of shea butter and Vitamin E.

Unseen sunscreen,
$34 by Supergoop

Blotting Papers

A guaranteed quick fix, these blotting papers sop up grease and dirt with just a few pats along your forehead, nose and cheeks. Use just before you might feel exposed—like firing up that Zoom call.

Charcoal blotting linens,
$10 by Boscia

Fight Oil With Oil

It sounds counterintuitive, but you can use an oil to “trick” your body into thinking it has already produced enough sebum. A hydrating facial oil, like Buckler's, balances and soothes skin. Just massage it into your skin before bed and let it work its magic.

Revitalize face oil,
$48 / $30 by Buckler’s

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