Full-Body Deodorants Are Here

Full-Body Deodorants
Are Here

Your pits aren’t the only places that sweat (or stink)

Best men's full-body deodorants in 2024

Life is stressful. And with stress, comes sweat. If you've ever noticed that when you're stressed, you actually smell worse, you're not imagining it. According to Medical News Today, our apocrine glands respond directly to norepinephrine, a hormone that circulates during stress responses. The thicker sweat these glands produce often reacts with bacteria on our skin and creates a stronger, more offensive odor.

That's to say nothing of all the warm weather on its way. You know the devastating effects of swamp crotch. But maybe you have more of an issue with your feet smelling, or your backside ... maybe your chest? This is exactly the reason why full-body deodorants are an exploding category in the personal care space. Grooming brands both big and small are experimenting with formulas that are kind to your skin while killing all the odor-causing bacteria. Some even eliminate the sweat that feeds it.

Of course, maybe you remember your buddy in college applying his regular deodorant stick to God-knows-where and swearing by its efficacy. But let this be a reminder that most men's deodorant has been refined and engineered to be effective at deodorizing your pits, but has definitely not been designed for other (more gentle) parts of your body. Which is why—if you look at the back of that stick in your medicine cabinet—there's a warning on there advising you against using it on any place other than your armpits. Thankfully, now you've got a wide variety of options to choose from. We've put a handful to the test to bring you the best options.


The Best
Full-Body Deodorants
for Men in 2024

Valet. editor's pick
Valet. editor's pick

The Editor’s Pick

We really like this option because it kind of does it all. Formulated with skin-friendly ingredients like aloe vera, macadamia nut oil extract, vitamin E and glycerin to nourish and condition your skin, while also fighting odor at the source. The talc-free cream-to-powder formula absorbs quickly, dries fast and leaves a lightweight powdery finish. It works to prevent sweating in the first place and is clinically proven to help areas stay drier (and fresher) in as little as two weeks.

No Sweat Body Defense cream,
$32 / $22 by Anthony

The Drug
Store Pick

Dove Men+Care has been in the deodorant game for a while now, but they've just introduced a range of all-over formulas designed to go everywhere, from pits and privates to your chest and feet. Available in both a cream or spray, the formula features aloe, bamboo and Vitamin E (but no aluminum or paragons) to soothe skin while deodorizing problem areas. The woody smells is pleasant but not overpowering and won't compete with your cologne. Plus, it dries quickly and doesn't feel sticky on the skin or stain clothes.

Whole Body Deo cream or spray,
$11.98 by Dove Men+Care

The All-Natural

You know those hippy-dippy crystal deodorants? This is like that, but in a lightweight spray form. The hypoallergenic mist is made of only two gentle, natural ingredients—potassium alum and purified water. This is the lightest option, but is easy to spritz on after a shower for an understated layer of protection.

Crystal spray deodorant,
$5.95 by Public Goods


The Gentle Option

Native's all-natural formula is made without aluminum, parabens, baking soda, and talc, so the spray is safe for sensitive skin and your most sensitive areas. Still, the high-performance spray dries on contact, leaves no residue and has been clinically proven to provide odor protection for up to 72 hours.

Whole body deodorant,
$13.97 by Native

For Bonus Scents

This is really more of a body spray, but the formula actually fights odor at the source with three deodorizing ingredients and prebiotics. Cleansing agents kill odor-causing bacterial growth on the skin, while the sophisticated fragrance notes of black pepper, citrus and sandalwood do the work of your regular cologne.

Performance body spray,
$12 by OffCourt

Unscented Protection

If you want gentle protection from odors without any added chemicals or unnecessary scents, this cream stick—developed especially for skin folds—is ideal. Formulated with mandelic acid, it's perfect for any area where skin tends to rub together. And the stick design allows you to precisely target areas of concern.

Whole body
deodorant cream stick,
$19.95 / $15.95 by Hiki

Two Types of
Sweat Glands

Eccrine glands are all over our body and produce sweat to help cool us down. Apocrine glands are concentrated in certain areas (i.e. the armpits, groin and chest) which can be triggered by stress. Because they release double the amount of moisture of a regular sweat gland, there’s more for bacteria to feed on.

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