Boost Your Energy
With Breakfast

Energy boosting breakfast foods

Boost Your Energy With Breakfast

What you should and shouldn't be eating to get the most out of your day

You probably realize that eating breakfast does more than just prevent a grumbling stomach before lunch. It improves mental performance and prevents you from storing fat throughout the day. One of the upsides of working from home is that you've got more time in the morning to prepare and enjoy your breakfast. But what should you be eating for breakfast? Thankfully, some of the healthiest options don't take that long at all. We spoke with several nutritionists to get some intel on the kind of breakfasts that not only keep you full and help you kickstart your metabolism, but also give you a jolt of brain power to help you get your most important work done early in the day. Herewith, three simple options.


Your Coffee

“Enhancing your coffee with protein powder can be an effective method to optimize protein intake,” says registered dietician Monica Auslander Moreno, founder of Essence Nutrition. “Especially for people who refuse to eat a proper breakfast in the morning. It can render your coffee drink to be more of a 'complete' meal and fuel a workout.” She recommends the TrueFit protein, which is also packed with probiotics and prebiotic fiber.

TrueFit cold brew coffee protein,
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Bake Your Oatmeal

If you're the type that prefers waffles, bagels and muffins in the morning, then this option is the perfect compromise. Baked oatmeal gives you everything you'd get from a bowl of old fashioned oats, but in a chewy, satisfying square. Emily Dingmann, nutritionist and founder of My Everyday Table, makes baked apple oatmeal bars that are both filling and will satisfy a hankering for something on the sweeter side. They're packed with fiber (thanks to the oats and apples) and have just enough natural sugar to perk you up. Make them over the weekend and you'll have breakfast for the week.

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Yogurt/fruit/nut bowl

A Little
of Everything

Dr. Monique Tello is a practicing physician at Massachusetts General Hospital and a healthy lifestyle expert for Harvard Medical School. She recommends her own go-to breakfast: a fruit/yogurt/grain/nut bowl that she eats every single day. It's quick, easy and affordable too. “We buy large bags of frozen mixed berries at the wholesale club or discount grocery, as they are much more economical than fresh fruit and don't go bad,” she says. “Fruit is frozen at the peak of freshness, so the quality and vitamin content can be better than what's in the produce aisle.” She defrosts the fruit in the microwave and tosses it on top of a large dollop of plain yogurt and then sprinkles it with nuts, seeds and low-sugar granola. “The fruit makes up the bulk of this meal,” she says. “There's fiber in the fruit, and plant sugars in their natural form, not to mention healthy fat in the nuts, and plenty of protein in the yogurt.”


A lot of packaged foods sneak in a lot of unnecessary fillers and sugars. But IQBARs are protein bars specially formulated with clean ingredients that are rich in compounds shown to benefit the brain and body. They're vegan and keto-friendly, but best of all, they taste really good and come in unique flavor combinations. Our favorites? Almond Butter Chip and Lemon Blueberry.

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