Clean Energy

Clean Energy

New, smart ways to boost your strength and focus

Best performance foods and supplements in 2023

We’ve all got a lot of demands on our time these days. And let's face facts, as we get older, it gets harder and harder to generate and maintain the energy we need to get everything done. Often, we're left with the choice of downing another coffee to get a boost, or maybe grabbing a slender can of some type of energy drink with questionable ingredients. But you're not looking for just a jolt of jitters. You want real, sustained energy.

Thankfully, there's a range of quality options now available. Ones that are specially formulated from real, whole food ingredients that do your body good while providing you focus and clarity and maybe even a healthy buzz—all without the nasty side effects. Call it the “clean energy” options for your diet. From vitamin-rich water additives and tasty chews, to brain-boosting gum and grown-up versions of your favorite toaster pastry, there's something to suit anyone's taste and needs.


The Best
Performance Foods
Supplements in 2023

The Effervescent
Water Booster

Loaded with antioxidants and over two dozen pH-balanced vitamins, minerals, electrolytes and amino acids—including turmeric, ginger and Vitamin C—each of these little packets includes 100mg of naturally occurring caffeine from green tea. The flavor is tangy and sweet, and tastes like a mashed Flinstone chewable ... in the best possible way. There's no sugar (and no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives), which also means there's no crash later. We down some in the morning or before a long bike ride and get a noticeable improvement in performance for four to six hours.

Antioxidant energy mix,
$31.99 by PureBoost

A Daily Dose
of Creatine

There seem to be a lot of creatine options out there. Some people take it to improve their athletic performance, while others use it to help with muscle building. We tried a few different formulas, but these gummies are by far our favorite. Create's tangy citrus-flavored chews are designed to be taken everyday. They're low in sugar and formulated to increase energy while boosting mental focus and improving the natural recovery process. Which means they're perfect for active guys who push themselves—at work, at the gym or anywhere else.

Creatine gummies,
$45 by Create

The Sweet Snack

This is the most fun of all the options, without a doubt. Packed with 20 grams of protein, they're a little thicker and heartier than the Pop Tart of your youth. And that's a good thing. They have a softer, toothsome bite that's satisfying to chew and an impressively sweet taste considering they have less than 1g of sugar and only 5g of net carbs. You can eat them right out of the package or nuke them for a few seconds in the microwave. They don't suggest toasting them, but we think a little heat from a toaster oven could also be nice. If you're looking for a healthier way to indulge in the morning, this is both satisfying and guilt-free.

High protein pastry,
$24 (for 8-pack) by Legendary


The Zen
Energy Chew

To be honest, these plant-based chews were the most surprising of all the products we tried. The taste is gingery and minty and you very quickly get a tingling sensation in your mouth. Traditionally, kanna is chewed for relieving pain, elevating mood and reducing anxiety. The “buzz” you get kicks in quickly and you feel grounded and calm yet highly alert. According to the company, the psychoactive (not psychedelic) plant from South Africa has been clinically proven to activate an immediate sense of grounded energy, helping you feel more connected and capable. Some like it for meditation, we found it great for those days when your calendar is overwhelmingly full.

Kanna chews,
$49 by Ka Empathogenics

Brain-Boosting Gum

If you're the type that can't think clearly or lift weights without a piece of gum to chew on, then this is the stuff for you. Available in both a cool peppermint or cinnamon flavor, the sugar-free formula has 40mg of natural green tea caffeine, L-theanine for cognition and focus, along with B-vitamins to sustain mental endurance necessary to stay focused on your goals. One thing we noticed was how quickly we felt this kick in. This is apparently due to a patented cold-compression method for combining ingredients. Nothing gets broken down in the production process, so it makes for cleaner, more effective absorption once in your body.

Energy and focus gum,
$23.99 by Nuero

Still Tired?
Drink Some Water.

Still Tired?
Drink Some Water.

Dehydration decreases your blood volume, meaning your heart has to work harder to get it pumping to deliver nutrients and oxygen to the muscles being used during your workout.

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