The Best
All-Weather Workout Gear

Winterize your performance attire to maximize your comfort and your results

The best all-weather workout gear for winter

Working out in the winter is already tough. These are the hibernation months and there are a myriad of activities pulling you away from exercise. There are sugary treats around every corner, not to mention plenty of drinks. But you're determined. You're disciplined and you want to stay in peak condition. Of course, that doesn't make the biting cold that smacks you in the face the moment you step outside any easier to endure. Throw in the slushy torture that's meteorologically referred to as "wintery mix" and you're all but guaranteed to come back from your run or workout a shivering, sopping-wet mess. The answer isn't the sad, monotonous treadmill. Half the trick to winter fitness is scoring the right performance attire to shield your body from the elements, keep your muscles warm and your skin dry. Well, that and getting outdoors in the first place.


Your Winter Fitness Kit

Under Armour Storm Cyclone Pullover

Storm Cyclone pullover,
$80 by Under Armour

Helly Hansen Base Layer Lifa Crew

Base layer Lifa crew,
$40 by Helly Hansen

Mack Weldon Airknitx Performance Tights

Airknitx performance tights,
$48 by Mack Weldon

Nike Water-Repellent Air VaporMax

Water-repellent Air VaporMax,
$190 by Nike


L.L. Bean Primaloft Therma-Stretch Beanie

Primaloft Therma-Stretch beanie,
$29.95 by L.L. Bean

Lululemon Resolute Runner Gloves

Resolute runner gloves,
$36 by Lululemon

Rhone Nylon Tactel Hoodie

Nylon Tactel hoodie,
$148 by Rhone

Minim Trek Pants

Trek pants,
$95 by Minim

Drymax Cold Weather Crew Socks

Cold weather crew socks,
$13.95 Drymax

Editor's Find

Brazyn Collapsible Foam Roller

We recently tried out Brazyn's collapsible foam rollers and fell in love. It collapses fully flat for easy storage or travel and expands instantly for quick and effective post-exercise rolling. When flat, it fits perfectly in the bottom of a gym bag.

$68 by Brazyn

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