The Ultimate Sleep Essentials

The best gear for your bedroom to sleep like a champ

The best sleep gear for an ulimate night sleep

Chances are, you need more sleep because, well, we all need more sleep. And in case you haven't heard, sleep deprivation is serious stuff. Whether you find yourself having trouble getting to sleep or simply wake up feeling run down and tired, it's time to stock your bedroom. The sleep industry is booming these days and there are some outstanding products designed to soothe and relax you, monitor your sleep patterns and help wake you more naturally. We've scoured the market for the best and most effective items no serious sleeper should be without.


Bose Noise-Masking Sleepbuds

Smarter Ear Plugs

These aren't headphones, but they're not simply ear plugs either. They're lightweight, tiny ear buds engineered to deliver soothing sounds that have been optimally tuned to drown out unwanted noise when you're trying to sleep. They're engineered to stay comfortably in place all night long, even if you sleep on your side. Instead of streaming music, they gently pump in ten soothing sleep tracks—say goodbye to annoying neighbors, jarring city sounds or your partner's snoring. Plus, the compact and convenient storage case keeps your sleep buds safe, charged and ready for next time.

Noise-masking sleepbuds,
$450 by Bose

Garmin Vivoactive 3 GPS Smartwatch

After Hours Wearables

If you're the type that wants to track your progress and crunch the data, then you'll want to bring some wearable technology to bed. There are a handful of smartwatches and fitness trackers that log how many hours you slept. But Garmin's tracking technology actually monitors your sleep cycles (light, REM and deep) so you get a more accurate look at the quality of your sleep. Sleep statistics include total hours of sleep, your sleep levels and the amount of movement. And bonus, it's also a fully-functional smart watch and tracker, so you'll get a lot of use out of it when you're awake too.

Vivoactive 3 GPS smartwatch,
$299.99 / $158.99 by Garmin

Philips Somneo Sunrise Wake Up Alarm Clock

A Gentler
Alarm Clock

Getting up with the sunrise is ideal, but when you need to get a jump on the day, opt for the next best thing. Philips has become the gold standard for light therapy clocks and the Somneo is their latest addition. The clock mimics a natural sunrise as it gets closer to your actual wakeup time, priming you to wake up naturally and not in the middle of a REM cycle. It also offers a variety of wake-up sounds from the beach to rustling trees. There are also a number of wind-down modes to help soothe you to sleep, including a meditative breathing exercise. But don't worry, it also has a USB port to charge your phone.

Somneo Sunrise Wake Up alarm clock,
$199.99 by Philips


Pilgrim Collection Teo Aroma Diffuser

A Diffuser You Didn't Know You Needed

It might sound hokey, but an aromatherapy oil diffuser has been shown to soothe the nervous system and prepare the body for deeper, more restful sleep. Simply add a few drops of lavender or chamomile essential oil to the water of your diffuser and let the vapors do the work as you get ready for bed. This modern mister, made from sleek ceramic and natural beech wood, features a whisper quiet fan and two mist modes with a timer shut-off. It not only acts as an aromatherapy diffuser, but also a humidifier to improve your bedroom's air quality.

Bre aroma diffuser,
$52.59 by Zeigga Lab

Marpac Dohm Classic Sound Machine

The Best White Noise Machine

The gold standard in white noise machines for more than half a century, this machine isn't a speaker pumping out recordings, it's an acoustic machine with a unique asymmetrical fan and specially-built housing that creates the soothing sound of rushing air without the disturbance of actual moving air. The gentle shushing is the perfect background noise for sleep. It drowns out irritating and disruptive noises, but it's so natural you won't even notice it once it's been on for a while. The adjustable design allows for a fully customizable tone and volume control for a personalized sound environment.

Dohm classic sound machine,
$46.98 / $41.26 by Marpac

How much sleep
do you need?

The amount each person requires varies, depending on your age and activity level, but the National Sleep Foundation has a solid recommendation of seven to nine hours a night.

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