The Best Massage Tools

Best self massage tools

The Best Massage Tools

You’ve never needed a self-massage more than right now

Between a global pandemic and economic uncertainty, anxiety is at an all-time high. In fact, calls to the federal mental health crisis hotline are 900% greater than this time last year, according to the National Council for Behavioral Health. Couple that with the fact that many of us are slumped over laptops most days and trying out new workouts from home—getting a massage sure sounds nice, right?

Of course, going to a massage therapist is pretty much out of the question. But that doesn't mean you can't reap the benefits of a massage while responsibly sheltering in place. We've pulled together the best massage tools, all available online for (relatively) quick delivery. From heated, undulating pillows to targeted percussive guns endorsed by pro athletes, there's a wide variety at your disposal to help alleviate tension along with any muscle soreness and stiffness.


The 8 Best
Massage Tools

High Density
Foam Roller

Multiple studies have proven that rolling your muscles out with a "hurts so good" foam roller reduces soreness while improving range of motion. The 3D textured nubs on this one replicate the fingers and palms of a human hand.

$24.47 by
The Original Body Roller

Chirp Wheel+

These wheels come in three sizes so you can choose whether you want more targeted relief or overall stretching for back pains and general loosening up.

$55 by Chirp

Massage Gun

There are a handful of “percussive therapy” guns out there, but Kraft's version has become a trainer-favorite due to its lightweight design, long-lasting battery and near silent operation.

$389 / $369 by Kraft Gun

3D Shiatsu
& Vibration Massage Pillow

This cushy pillow provides a deep kneading shiatsu massage as the nodes move in and out for an authentic massage feel. There's also a heat option to help relax muscles.

$59.99 / $34.99 by Homedics

Massage Cane

This decidedly lo-tech option is favored by massage therapists because of its multiple treatment balls, which target specific hard-to-reach muscle aches for maximum pain-relief.

$19.99 / $15.62 by Trigger Point

Scalp Massager/Head

Anyone who hasn't tried one of these thinks they're a joke ... until they use it. This one has a dozen rubber-tipped steel tines to gently massage without tangling or scratching.

$5.49 by Body Back

Hypersphere Mini
Massage Ball

This buzzing rubber ball is excellent for targeted rolling and particularly good for people with tight, taught calf muscles or arch and heel pain.

$99 by Hyperice

Mountable Massager

The clever mounting system lets you attach this rolling massage ball to any flat surface. Then simply lean on it with your body weight to control how much pressure to apply.

$59.99 / $49.99 by Vertiball


According to an American Massage Therapy Association survey, 33% of Americans reported getting a massage for stress reduction, relaxation or muscle soreness in the past year.

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