It’s Time to Realize
Your Potential for
a Healthier Life

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InsideTracker personalized health tracking services InsideTracker personalized health tracking services

It’s Time to Realize
Your Potential
for a Healthier Life

This personalized digital dashboard provides all the info you need

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After the past year, we all value our health a bit more. But 14 months of quarantining and social distancing comes at a cost. We're all a bit overworked and under-slept and we don't know anyone who didn't do their fair share of stress eating. Which means there's never been a better time to cut through the clutter of all the misinformation out there get back on track. Which is exactly what InsideTracker does best. Founded in 2009 by experts in aging, genetics and biometric data, from Harvard, MIT and Tufts, science is the backbone of this ultra-personalized performance system.

Extreme personalization is clearly the future of health and fitness, but in order to drill down, you need to first know where you're starting and what you're working with. You don't want to guess blindly when it comes to strengthening your immune system and optimizing your health. InsideTracker builds personalized wellness plans based on data from your blood, DNA, fitness tracker and self-reported lifestyle and habits. Then they're able to provide meaningful insights and a customized action plan of science-backed nutrition, fitness and lifestyle recommendations to help you reach your health and wellness goals. Whether that's optimizing your strength, endurance or improving your healthspan/longevity, there are several options when it comes to jump starting your personal wellness journey. So here are four plans worth considering.

Essentials Plan

Maybe you just want a solid starting point. You don't want to be overwhelmed, you just want to know what you need to know in order to start living more healthfully. With a focus on the core markers for overall wellness—from your metabolism to your sleep and overall energy—this simple, yet comprehensive plan is just that.

$189 at InsideTracker

What you get:

  • Comprehensive blood test at a local Quest Diagnostics
  • Find out where you stand on 13 essential biomarkers
  • A nutrition database with over 7,500 food items scientifically proven to improve specific biomarker levels
  • The ability to monitor your progress over time and measure the effectiveness of changes made

Ultimate Plan

This popular and comprehensive plan offers a detailed analysis covering everything from athletic performance to longevity. This is great for serious athletes and those who really want to optimize their wellness and performance.

$589 at InsideTracker

What you get:

  • Comprehensive blood test and analysis
  • Detailed analysis of up to 43 biomarkers
  • Personalized optimal ranges for each biomarker
  • Customized, science-backed Action Plan based on your goals
  • Food and supplement suggestions to help you arrive in the optimal zone
  • Meal prep, grocery list and recipe guidance

InnerAge 2.0 Plan

The truth is people age at different speeds. This data-driven model first calculates your body's real biological age, then provides a simple action plan of science-backed recommendations designed to improve the quantity and quality of the years ahead of you. This is perfect for those who feel younger than they are as well as those who hope to live longer, fuller lives.

$179 at InsideTracker

What you get:

  • Comprehensive blood test and analysis
  • 18 total biomarkers for males, 14 for females
  • Personalized optimal biomarker zones and results tracking
  • Longevity focused action plan with nutrition, exercise and lifestyle recommendations
  • Secure, online portal with a customized dashboard

Home Kit Plan

If you don't have a lot of time or don't like getting your blood drawn in a lab, this allows your blood to be tested in the comfort of your own home. All you need to do is collect a few drops (rather than a few vials). It's a hassle-free way to analyze your health.

$299 at InsideTracker

What you get:

  • The ability to do it from anywhere
  • An examination of seven key biomarkers
  • Find out where you stand currently and how you can improve your energy and reduce inflammation
  • A custom plan to improve your health based on your age, activity levels and goals


Through InsideTracker’s iOS mobile app, you can connect your FitBit or Garmin fitness tracker and gain real-time insights that will help you build healthy habits and track you progress every step of the way.