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Perform in the Bedroom Like You Used to

hims Erectile Dysfunction treatments

Special Promotion

in the Bedroom Like You Used to

The modern man’s solution to a common problem

The bedroom is a place for rest, relaxation and hopefully ... good sex. It's not a place for stress. But that's not to say anxiety doesn't show up now and then. And the problem is the same for a lot of guys.

If you're not getting hard the way you used to, it might be time to consider treatment. The good news is that the solution is usually quite simple. Several prescription medications have been clinically proven to be effective treatments—but traditional doctor visits tend to bring more anxiety. After all, it's not easy opening up about our sex life.

That's where hims, the popular online wellness brand, makes it easy. They connect you with medical professionals virtually from the comfort of your home—providing access to FDA-approved prescription solutions—all with a savings of 50-80% compared to traditional retail prices. The brand is so sure it'll work for you that they offer a money-back guarantee.

Simply answer a few questions about yourself and the issue you're having in the bedroom. A licensed medical provider will review the answers and follow-up with a treatment plan suited to your needs. Once your plan is set, the medication is shipped directly and discreetly to your door. No muss, no fuss. Just results and a revived sexual confidence.

Some Options

As-Needed Pills

If you don’t want to take a daily pill, these convenient single-serving packs come in handy when you want a boost before sex.

From $4 per use, at hims

Daily Pills

If you’re more spontaneous and want to be ready whenever you’re needed, these medications are taken daily so you’re always prepared.

From $99 a month, at hims

Delay Spray

This non-prescription spray is designed to help keep the lovemaking going longer and stronger.

From $29, at hims

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