Gym Shorts

Ten Thousand 5-inch Interval short


Gym Shorts

A price and style comparison

Look around the gym and you'll notice that there's never been more varieties of gym shorts on offer. Some guys are still pulling on the same ill-fitting mesh shorts that they wore back in high school. Others are embracing all the strides in performance wear that's lead to a new breed of gym shorts that are not only flattering but also a whole lot more functional too. With such features as moisture-wicking fabrics, laser-cut ventilation and secure pockets engineered to keep keys and phones safe, these shorts are much better for your workouts.

But which one is worth your money? It all depends on your personal tastes and needs. Some men don't want to spend a lot on shorts they're just going to sweat in and then toss in the hamper. That's understandable. Others are going for such intense workouts that they all but require gear that can put up with such a rigorous routine. We tried on a bunch, lifted and lunged and then washed (over and over again) to test out which ones were really worth your money. These are the three our team can confidently recommend.



The Starter Pair

• Cut from lightweight AIRism fabric that's sweat-wicking and quick-drying

• Unlined, with a straight-cut silhouette and wrapped waistband

• Zippered back pocket

• Basic design, but the price allows you to buy multiple pairs

5-inch Ultra
Stretch DRY-EX short,
$29.90 by UNIQLO


The Lightweight Pair

• The stretch woven fabric provides a barely-there-feeling shell

• Built-in, moisture-wicking performance brief liner

• The centered back zip pocket keeps valuables secure (and balanced during movement) and fits most phones

• The breathable knit waistband comfortably stays put

5-inch AFO short,
$64 by Janji


The Indestructible Pair

• The sweat-wicking nylon shell features permanent anti-odor treatment and stays cling-free during intense workouts

• Laser-cut vents for air circulation, zippered pockets and bonded hems and leg gusset for added range of motion

• Durable no-bunch waistband and optional medium compression liner

• Backed by a lifetime guarantee

5-inch Interval short,
$68 by Ten Thousand

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