Fitbit Says Relax

Fitbit Charge 5 fitness tracker

Fitbit Says Relax

Finally, a wearable that tells you it’s OK to not workout

I think we can file this under good news: On Wednesday, Fitbit unveiled its latest fitness wearable, the Charge 5. The upgraded device has a color screen and a series of new sensors including an electrocardiogram, which can detect atrial fibrillation, and an electrodermal response tracker, which detects stress through electrical signals in the skin.

According to Gizmodo, this is a huge 180 from last year's Charge 4, which was a solid but incremental upgrade. It'll be available in three colorways: white and gold, blue and silver and a stealth all-black.

Most notably, though, the Charge 5 adds a new metric to its health wearable: Daily Readiness. The scoring system and accompanying fitness recommendations emphasize recovery over working out.

“Body readiness is clever because over-exercising can be a problem and lead to injuries down the road—and under-exercising leads to being out of shape,” one researcher told CNN. “This provides proof to the user what their body is ready for or what it needs, taking the guesswork out of how a user is thinking about how their body is doing.”

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Fitbit Charge 5 fitness tracker in black

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