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How our co-founders kitted out their office for style and productivity

The Valet. Magazine office in WeWork Miami Beach

We're pulling back the curtain at Valet. headquarters—or one of them, at least. As a digital publication, the team is not all in one location. We're scattered across the country—in DC, in Chicago and Los Angeles—most of us in WeWorks. Our co-founders, Cory Ohlendorf and Jeremy Norman, are currently based in Miami Beach and share an office that could be summed up as "Valet. vibes."

It took a little work to get it to this, but we're firm believers that the more you like the place where you think, the better your thinking will be. Consider it an investment in your career. It's not merely dressing up your office. It's ensuring your workspace suits you and provides what you need to succeed.

Which is something we've learned WeWork takes pretty seriously as well. "All aspects of our design are intentional in order to facilitate community building," says Bobby Condon, WeWork's Southeast general manager. "The hallways are a bit more narrow to encourage interaction with fellow members as you walk by and we've designed an open-format staircase to double as meeting space so that you can pause to chat with your colleagues when you pass each other."

We've learned that design can definitely work in your favor. It aids in productivity and pairs with your technology. So whether you work from a corner office, a corner of your home or a run-of-the-mill cubicle, outfit your workspace with a few handsome pieces. Here's a closer look at Cory and Jeremy's office.


Valet. office bookcase Valet. office bookcase

Above All Else

When we moved into this WeWork, one thing we knew we needed was a custom bookcase to store reference books, magazines, samples and a few beloved accessories. Painted a rich battleship grey, it's the perfect shade to showcase our collection. Not only does it provide ample storage for necessities, it adds a sophisticated touch without taking up too much space.

Valet. office leather Major chair by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

Set the Tone

Make no mistake, Cory and Jeremy do a lot of work in this office. But they wanted it to have the relaxed feel of a gentleman's study. So we grounded the room with a durable rug (which is also a practical way to add some sound dampening to an office). The custom Major chair, from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, is an inviting place for visitors to sit and talk, complemented by a natural wood stump side table and brass reading lamp.

Valet. mascot beagle Emdash

You might've noticed the dog bed. Our mascot, Emdash the beagle, is usually napping in the corner.


Your Desk Should
Reflect Your Taste

We're not saying a clean desk will guarantee a promotion, but the guy who keeps his desk neat is a guy who always looks like he's on top of things. While Jeremy's much better at keeping his desk tidy, they've both found ways to stock necessary items in striking ways. Which makes sense, since Valet. guys are nothing if not aesthetes in search of optimization. Whether it's intentional or not, our desks tend to convey what's most important to us—our habits and hobbies, our personalities and quirks. But that's the point, right?

Valet. co-founder Jeremy Norman's office desk

On Jeremy's Desk:

A vintage bronze Mickey Mouse statue and an olive wood bowl to hold EDC items. The black rubberized tray holds an antique cigarette case (which now holds business cards) and Jeremy's favorite Japanese pen. A committed gum-chewer, he decants his Orbit gum of choice in this old school amber glass jar.

Valet. editor-in-chief Cory Ohlendorf's office desk

On Cory's Desk:

There's never a shortage of new grooming products awaiting testing on Cory's desk. He attempts to corral them into this earthenware tray, which also holds the hourglass he uses to keep email tasks and writers' pitches to a five-minute maximum. Other productivity boosters include headphones and essential oils (stashed in a small horsehair pot from Santa Fe), which are both used for concentration while writing.

Don't Shy Away
From Your Vices

Two things we take seriously here at Valet., coffee and cocktails. They serve different functions, of course, but we prepare for both by stocking everything we need at an arm's length. This zebra wood tray holds a Nespresso setup, compete with creamer and sweeteners. The bar cart is a revolving lineup of spirits, mixers and wines that help us test out new launches or cocktail recipes. Both of which bring everyone from interns and writers to fellow WeWork members stopping by Cory and Jeremy's office for a taste.

Valet. office coffee and cocktail bar Valet. office coffee and cocktail bar


According to data from Statista, there were approximately 1.65 million people working in coworking spaces worldwide last year. By 2020, that number is expected to swell to nearly 2.7 million.

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